What’s Battle Grip All About?

Battle Grip is a company based in Jakarta, Indonesia who focuses on the creation and manufacturing of console gaming accessories. This is our debut into the gaming scene and what better way to make a grand entrance than to create a product line that is without a doubt a very essential addition to every console gaming controllers. Therefore, the Battle Grip series was born.

The inspiration for Battle Grip came to us during our long gaming sessions, we found that the controller’s original analog sticks provided a sub par experience especially when used in a competitive online play situation. Dead point accuracy is very hard to obtain, thumb slips occurs more frequent than we would have hoped for and not to mention the rubber coating on certain analog sticks will peel off and even tear with normal use. We design the Battle Grip series with those issues in mind and we are confident that we have created the perfect solution with our analog stick thumb grips.

But it doesn’t stop there. We aim for perfection, we’re always innovating, we’re always evolving. The worker robots and elves at the Battle Grip workshop will always strive to create more excellent and affordable products to cater the need of every type of gamers. Whether you’re into shooters, racing, sports or other gaming genres…we’ve got you covered.

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