Revolution 3.0

This grip is available for PS4, PS3, XB1 and XB360


The Revolution just got upgraded again!

With an all new material for increased grip, improved control and accuracy, also maximum protection!

Battle Grip Revolution 3.0 is an improvement over the previous Battle Grip Revolution and we focused on where it matters. With an all new rubber material, this video game controller thumb grip provide awesome comfort, increased accuracy and maximum grip.

With its tried and true convex surface design and added height over the stock analog stick, Battle Grip Revolution 3.0 is the perfect match for your controller.

Medium to long ranged FPS (First Person Shooter) players who above all else craves detailed accuracy and precise thumb movement will absolutely love the Revolution 3.0.

Battle Grip Revolution 3.0 is also a blast to be used on other game genres (3rd person adventure, racing, sports and others).

Join the new Revolution, order now and experience Revolution 3.0!