Sparta MX

This grip is available for PS4, PS3 and XB360


Introducing the all new Sparta MX. A complete redesign of the Battle Grip series. For players needing that total control, accuracy, comfort and maximum protection for their gaming controllers.

Sparta MX video game controller extender thumb grip is specifically designed for increased medium to long range combat accuracy because it adds 11 mm (0.4 inch) of height to your stock analog stick for easy shot tracking and maximum accuracy resulting in better K/D ratios and extreme pwnage!

We’ve also added these features to the Sparta MX:

STURDY PLASTIC BASE, which adds 11 mm (0.4 inch) of height to your analog stick and increases your range of motion to more than 100%

IMPROVED RUBBER MATERIAL. Providing that extra grip needed for intense gaming sessions.

IMPROVED LOCKING SYSTEM. Latches and locks to 80% of the analog stick for a very secure installation. Also, no more clearance and surface scratch issues as the plastic base is guaranteed to not touch the surface of your controller.

MODULAR DESIGN. Still love the feel of the classic Battle Grip products? Sparta MX rubber surface is interchangeable with either Revolution 2.0 or Bullseye. Bringing added value to your purchase!

EASY INSTALLATION. Just slide the Sparta MX to your analog stick and lock it by pushing down on the rubber surface. Its that easy!


What are you waiting for? Experience the new Sparta MX now!

Battle in RED…just like the brave Spartans!